Sandy Relief Information for Staten Islanders and the Community

In light of Hurricane Sandy, Staten Island is suffering.   Treasure Your Island is attempting to revamp the webpage for the time being to direct everyone to different resources available to them.

The goal of this page is not to duplicate efforts, there are so many organizations doing great things.
We recommend sirecovers and SINY's Sandy Relief Efforts. 

FOR AN ORGANIZED LIST OF ON-GOING EFFORTS, visit SINY's page, go to REPORTS to learn about hot meals, lodging, volunteerism, and needs of the community.

Additional links have been added to help familiarize yourself - or your loved ones - in what's going on in the area.

Please use the links provided to learn or share the main needs of the community are:
Needs of the Community
Donations of Time/Efforts - Volunteers
Meals and Lodging Available
Donations of Cleaning Supplies and other Goods
Community Organizing
Donations of Money

We're keeping everyone in our thoughts and prayers.  Please help each other during this difficult time.

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